Towing bracket

Reference: 5F9803881D

Towing bracket

Reference: 5F9803881D
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  • Removable towing bracket with safety device. A colour indication system simplifies the bracket's installation.
    Towing bracket cover ref.

    Reference/Style/Entry: 5F9803595
    FR: 5F9807117
    X-PERIENCE: 5F9807568D Z76 (Hidden tail pipes)
    5F9807568E Z76 (Visible tail pipes single)
    5F9807568F Z76 (Visible tail pipes double)

    To assemble together with the towing bracket control module and electrical kit: See information in ETKA Spare parts Page text 945-XX
    It is recommended to request pre-installation of the bracket from factory.
    It is advisable to consult the Repair Manual: Manual for towing a trailer available in ELSA, Repair group 00: Technical data.

    This accessory is not applicable to the Leon Cupra.

    For X-PERIENCE use assembly instructions 3.0.

    Compatible with CNG engines.

    Important Note: The Leon PA does not require a cover for the towing bracket.

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    3T0803594 Tow hook cover
    5F0071154 Fasteners
    5F0071734 Lock + keys
    5F0092201 Cover
    5F9092115 Ball + keys

* Before installing an accessory in your vehicle, please always read the recommendations in your SEAT's manual.