Towing bracket PHEV

Reference: 5FJ092160A

Towing bracket PHEV

Reference: 5FJ092160A
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  • Manual folding and electric removable towing bracket.
    Manufactured in high-quality materials, passing the rigorous SEAT safety and quality tests.
    The towing bracket is approved by standard 55R - 01 4706 (certificate attached).
    Please always install following the instruction manual (attached).
    For installation, the following components must be requested by spare parts. See ETKA.
    2 x N 905 369 01
    1 x 5NA 803 973A
    1 x 5NA 803 974A
    8 x N 102 400 03
    In vehicles that do not have the standard towing bracket pre-installation option (PR 1M7), please request the following components in addition to the electric kit (5FJ055204) (for more information please see ETKA)
    Control unit: 5Q09073383N (consult ETKA to check for new versions)
    Fasteners: 2xN91137101; 2x N91074201
    Actuator + frame: 5TA959511; 5G0868345
    Colour: Black
    Material: high-quality steel
    Weight/dimensions (approx.): 27,7 Kg / 1400mmx650mmx200mm
    Related products: 13 to 7 pole adapter, part number 3R0055300

    In order to correctly retrofit and recognise the towing bracket, the authorised workshop must code and adapt the vehicle software through ODIS/SVM/code: 3446F.

  • Fitting_instrtuctions_5FJ092160A.pdf

* Before installing an accessory in your vehicle, please always read the recommendations in your SEAT's manual.