Adhesive kit for aerodynamic elements

Reference: 000071781B

With the adhesive kit the aerodynamic parts are easy and safe to use. It is clean and offers excellent adhesive properties for different materials, such as moulds for parts made of PUR, polypropylene, ABS and many more. Thanks to the combination of special adhesive and the primer, a high resistance bond is obtained between the aerodynamic parts and the surface of the vehicle. This kit contains all the components and other equipment that are required for the gluing: Adhesive cartridge (310 ml) including an applicator nozzle, spatula, primer container (25 ml), 6x pre-treatment wipes and instruction manual.
1u. ADHESIVE Teroson MS 9220 310 ml cartridge
1u. PRIMER Teroson MS 8517 25 ml container
6 u. PRE-TREATMENT Teroson VR 10 pre-treatment wipe
5 u. SWABS for applying primers
1 u. Applicator nozzle