SEAT Accessories General Catalogue

SEAT Arona

Baby-Safe 3 i-SIZE baby car seat (infants up to 15 months/83 cm/13 kg, compliant with standard R129)

REFERENCE: 000019907C
i-SIZE baby car seat - 0-83 cm (≈ 15 months | 13 kg) - Approved according to R129 (i-SIZE) - Valid from birth to 15 months (83 cm) - Patented technology for a flat lying position for safety and comfort - Easy installation thanks to 90-degree rotation of the Flex Base i-SENSE (000019230M) - Optimal compatibility with the Flex Base i-SENSE (000019230M) - The i-SIZE baby car seat can be easily placed on the Flex Base i-SENSE - 5-point belt system - Easily adjustable headrest and belts - Quick-release cover

* Before installing an accessory in your vehicle, please always read the recommendations in your SEAT's manual.