SEAT Accessories General Catalogue

SEAT Tarraco

Seat Navigation System Standard Mib2 Europe (V8)

This product contains an SD card with Europe navigation data (version 8, week 48/20 maps) and licence codes to activate data for your SEAT vehicle. The maps include 6.3 million entries with hotels, restaurants, public parking, petrol stations, airports, train stations, monuments and other places of interest. The data contained in the informative material includes, in addition to navigation maps, data on traffic status information channels or TMCs (Traffic Message Channel) for Albania*, Germany, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Belarus*, Bosnia and Herzegovina*, Bulgaria*, Vatican City, Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia*, Slovenia*, Spain, Estonia*, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Kosovo*, Latvia*, Liechtenstein, Lithuania*, Luxembourg, Malta*, Macedonia*, Moldova*, Monaco, Montenegro*, Norway, The Netherlands, Poland*, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania Does not apply to Tarraco FR

* Before installing an accessory in your vehicle, please always read the recommendations in your SEAT's manual.