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SEAT Ibiza

SEAT DataPlug

SEAT DataPlug reads data from the vehicle to the smartphone in real time, connected via Bluetooth through the OBD2 port. Combined with the MySEATApp on the smartphone, it allows to assess and display a large amount of data, turning your current car into a connected car. It is connected to the vehicle's OBD2 interface and does not require a separate power supply. This way the vehicle's driver is always informed in detail on the status of the vehicle and is alerted if any problems arise. You can save time by booking an appointment at the dealer and finding out where the vehicle is parked Compatible apps can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. We recommend checking the compatibility with your vehicle at an Authorised SEAT Service and/or at the following link Valid only for the following markets: Spain Czech Republic Mexico Romania Portugal France Greece

* Before installing an accessory in your vehicle, please always read the recommendations in your SEAT's manual.